Lucky me got to chat with Dan Pink. I have followed Dan since I read A Whole New Mind. So it was lovely when one of my friends and supporters of 2:23AM made the personal introduction.

I am always fascinated by the threads that resonate strongly through peoples lives, and with Dan it has been his commitment and tenacity to bring social and cultural research to a global audience in  a way that makes sense and challenges some of our deeper assumptions about work, and what motivates us.  And the extraordinary commitment Dan has to make his message come alive for people, landing in simplicity…certainly the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

Enjoy this episode.





Daniel H. Pink is the author of five provocative books — including three long-running New York Times bestsellers, A Whole New Mind, Drive, and To Sell is Human. Dan’s books have been translated into 34 languages and have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide.  He is also host and co-executive producer of “Crowd Control,” a new television series about human behavior on the National Geographic Channel. He lives in Washington, DC, with his wife and their three children.

Show notes

*What inhabits Dan’s center a lot is a sense of challenge. “Can I do something in a different way, can I master this set of material? Can I explain something that sheds light for people?” Plus a desire to make a tiny contribution.

*Dan is an intensely rational person

*Dream dinner guest, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed – they have far greatest impact in terms of quantity of people reached, plus this dinner would enable Dan to turn the conversation into a great book. What do they make of what is going on in the world today? Get them to put their three heads together and have them tell us what they would do today.

*There is an element of morality in goodness that is rational. Certain aspects of morality are encoded in our DNA.

*”Obscurity is a much greater problem than piracy”

*Big five traits – openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism

*Conscientiousness has become a very important predictor of flourishing and effectiveness

*Dan goes through his writing process with us



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