Robb and I met in Brazil in 2009 at the State of the World Forum. When I began the 2.23AM journey Robb was one of the people I went to for advise, mentoring, brainstorming, emotional and mental support. Only last Christmas, when the project was still in ideation stage, Robb encouraged me that this was really OK. (When most people would criticize for seeming lack of ideal to action after nearly two years.) Robb is one of those people who has a big mission in life. That journey is never easy. In this conversation you will get a sense of both the size of the mission and the habits that sustain the journey. You will also get a feel for Robb’s entrepreneurial strength and his very unique skills…technology, spirituality, philosophy and venture capital.To listen on iTunes , anchor, or listen below.

To download transcript Robb Smith, Season #1, Episode #6

Robb’s Bio

Robb is a social entrepreneur dedicated to fostering the new “Transformation Age” at the intersection of human development, technology and civilizational sustainability. At 21 he started Nevada Ventures, the state’s first venture capital fund, and co-founded the Reno-Tahoe chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization. He established the Nevada Ventures Nanoscience Program at the University of Nevada, recognized by Scientific American for the world’s most significant biodefense technology in 2004. He was a director of RetailOne, National Car Wash Systems and Alere, which became the largest population health company in the United States (NYSE: ALR). He cofounded NevadaNano, which in 2013 won an R&D 100 as one of the top technologies in the world. He then joined Ken Wilber to spearhead the integral consciousness movement, where he fostered metadisciplinary work including the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, Integral Spiritual Experience and WhatNEXT. In 2007 he was a founding member of Conscious Capitalism Institute, dedicated to transforming capitalism into a vehicle for greater love and trust worldwide. In 2011 he co-founded Chrysallis. He is a past Trustee of the Nevada Museum of Art and a current Trustee of Desert Research Institute. He has been named Nevada’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was nominated for the 2012 TED Prize.
TEDx: The Transformational Life  Twitter: @robbsmith

 Show notes

*Disparity in the world – economic, health, relevance

*USA 80 million people pre- diabetic, 120 million people with chronic disease

*Health is the new wealth

*Fear of not being relevant

*Transform the people, the systems, the consciousness inside business

*What does transformation mean technically inside the human brain?

*Living koan – How do we help large numbers of people be happier, healthier, be more productive, feel more engaged in life – in ways that are genuinely deeply grounding

*Prevailing narratives may be misleading – self congratulatory feel to humanity now – how smart we are.

*Large systemic issues like obesity are highly resistant to being influenced

*Evolution always does work out fine in the end. Humans may suffer a lot.

*The USA particularly has been living on a post WW2 dividend, which is now over (as of 2008)

*70 % of people don’t feel engaged by their work today

*Flow states, signature strengths, living into your purpose

*Marry your top 2-3 signature strengths with your daily activity in an area that you are passionate about and you will create more flow states. This is evidence based.

*Be careful of purpose surfing

*Expertise at the intersection of technology, philosophy, spirituality and venture capital

*To stay sustained there are 3 levels of practice (1) good life hygiene (2) psycho-emotional – growth mindset (3) (a.) the ego/identity doesn’t exist (b.) all effort is ignorance

*Any time we are expending effort (distinction) with a goal to change the world, we are causing as much perturbation as we are healing

*Affectionate non attachment

*Addiction to transient highs that come from achievement

*Realise you are nothing, and then you become identified with everything (Vedanta)

*Your waking up opportunity is right here right now.. and enjoy the journey

*In flow you do not have an attachment to what you are doing. All effort, no attachment

*Flow is a non egoic, non temporal state

*Simplification requires a move into greater discernment

*We don’t know how to be bored…

*The biggest fear of all…the fear of being ordinary



Integral Life

Ken Wilber

Conscious Capitalism


Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset

TEDx talk – The Transformational Life

Ramana Maharshi





* Yoda, Empire Strikes Back, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

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