Seeking a quick fix for complex change 

Ah the yearning for the quick fix. The simple. The ‘explain the complicated/complex in a short sentence.’

The shortcut. Up there with the seductive and spin.

When you are working on transformational change, where the other side of the change is completely different to our current world, the ask to explain this change in a single sentence or sound bites is a similar ask for the fat loss pill with no side effects and no other effort required. 

Rather than the short pithy sentence, we need to tell a story that invites possibility for that transformative change.

It is only on the other side of the transformative change that we can look back and go…ah…here is the short sentence that describes the change. But by then the change no longer lives on an event horizon, it is lived here now. And with that lives the language to describe it.

Photo taken December 30th 2021

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