Seeking truth

I am writing this while camped right by the beach in a National Park on the East Coast of Australia.

The weather is restricting our activities today, which means reading, walking in the rain, contemplating, and listening to podcasts—all rich pursuits, particularly when surrounded by nature’s beauty.

I have been thinking about the arc of my life. The intrinsic drivers that arise spontaneously, steadily and constantly, are as integral to me as my liver.

There are two key intersections: an instinctive intervention in the face of bullying and injustice to those with lesser means at that moment and an installable hunger to know the truth. 

My feistiness comes from the first instinct. I was 24 years old when I recognised the vein of anger that was easily aroused. I had been oblivious to it until then, although it is clear now that others noticed it. That which is intrinsic to us is often unseen by us. 

The quest for truth has me going down many rabbit holes, seeking to understand. I have done this with money, economics, and finance. In my earlier years, with health and spirituality. At the personal and leadership level, the interior development. With everything else, large-scale systems and how they are interdependent. My training is to start with Universe, the biggest perspective possible. And to go back to Source. The beginning of it all.

I appreciate this quest so much, as it is never a destination, always a journey. The focus of my truth-seeking is pursued from every perspective, an open book of forever understanding, each new perspective landing with joy. That sweet delight of adding another piece to the vast jigsaw puzzle in my mind.

There are some areas in my life where I have held a stand of all-knowing righteousness. Yet every time I adopt this position, life shows me a different view, and I am forced, from my commitment to integrity and truth, to change my position. The tap of humility floods my righteous Soul, and my mouth fills with dirt until acknowledging that I was wrong or made a mistake becomes something to cherish; its fruits are so much more precious to my journey than the rigidity of being.

I appreciate myself more now, for being more open-minded to possibilities and perspectives than ever before. 

And, when I see an injustice, my bull terrier will likely step into the fray. 

These two content stands provide the polarity of my existence: the fight and the curiosity. In between these two poles, the soil is rich and my life is sweet. 

Photo Taken January 2024