In the world of business as unusual we are, by nature, living on the edge of emergence. If we were not testing new models, new business structures, new ways of relating, collaboration and sharing, it wouldn’t be business as unusual.

There is no rule book, very few well worn paths, and mentors are rare. We are breaking new ground.

You are the leaders, you are the new rules, you will become the mentors.

For the journey you will require courage, discipline, self trust, fortitude. You will need to become adept at tuning into the soul of your business and what it needs in order to survive and thrive. You will need to be able to read the signs along the way. You will need to know when you are off path, and when you simply need to persist and wait for time to catch up with your vision. And the difference between the two.

Because you are breaking new ground there may be a lag between cause and effect. You are likely to be ridiculed. You will be tested. And tested again.

Knowing all of this, it pays to have a well considered tool box of support strategies.

*A great team around you – your truth tellers, people able to see your vision and yet also able to point out when you have strayed.

*A good exercise and sleep program. A broken down body does not make a healthy business. Nor is it an example of screwing business as usual.

*You need to have the time to input what others in the screw business as usual tribe are doing…so you can learn from each other, collaborate and share.

*You need time to tune in. And tune out to the larger emerging global scene.

*You need to make sure that along the way you stay true to the purpose and principles of your core intention and are not seduced by the usual suspects of power, money, glamour, status. (If these are your primary motivations then you are not really screwing business as usual. However, they may become secondary effects. Certainly having a healthy profitable business is essential.)

What self disciplines do you have in place?






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