Self Imposed Pressure 

When we put pressure onto a system we create perturbation. More pressure, more perturbation.

At some unpredictable point the perturbation gets to a stage where a threshold is crossed and there is a transformation that is irreversible, and in that change, heat as energy is released.

Pressure in a human system can come in many forms.

We can put pressure on our biology through physical training. This is how muscles develop, cardiac fitness increases.

We can put pressure on our emotional and spiritual selves and on our mind, artificial or real. 

The pressure we place on our mind is a choice. Are we seeking perturbation, agitation, transformation? 

Or is steady and calm a more helpful strategy? 

How useful and effective is our mental pressure? It all depends on context and intention.

I know that when I put myself under pressure to meet my own and others expectations my ability to perform, to get a task complete, deteriorates dramatically. Like a deer in the headlights, my default is to freeze. 

My training and development focus is to slow everything down when my reflex is to speed up and panic. Take the speed created by my artificial pressure and put it on ice. 

I have a way to go. 

Photo taken April 7th 2021

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