When you know the possible future because you are several weeks or months behind other countries and yet you refuse to heed their experience, you refuse to plan accordingly, not only is this short-sightedness, it is a total failure of leadership.

Our current model of politics and democracy is clearly failing. Our elected leaders are trying to drive a 1950’s truck in a world that needs the ability to drive supersonic rockets. The total lack of capability has citizens raving mad. As they should be.

Citizens have lost all faith in institutions that are supposed to be incorruptible, reliable, focused 100% on serving citizens. 

Institutions that have replaced public service with the insatiable need for profit and power. This is a side effect of privatisation. 

Age and child care become how much money we can squeeze from the food purchased each week, how we can reduce the number of staff to just get by.

Health care becomes a profit maximisation scheme – screw the actual health care. That is not to say that health care workers do not care – they care more than our political leaders generally do – but they are trapped in a system that cuts corners and costs at every single opportunity. And then placed in a double bind of being trolled by the public, so deeply frustrated by not being able to get service. It is not their fault.

The cry for efficiency is showing its flaws. Supply chains that have operated with just the right amount of stock to handle normal business are completely unable to handle the supply needs when things go topsy turvy. 

The obvious purchase of a piece of equipment or the current rapid antigen test kits three months ago didn’t fit the budget, three months ago. Now you cannot get your hands on them. 

Short-sightedness in the face of the obvious is willful ignorance, built on the back of hubris, and ultimately the incapacity to truly care for others, to see consequence, to prioritise caution over expediency.

This is the neoliberal experiment breaking apart. 

I propose we replace it with Syntropic practices. Towards a world that works for Earth and all her creatures. 

Photo taken December 31st 2017

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