Article in Wired Magazine, this December 2014. “Falling Gas Prices are Fantastic, Unless You are Tesla.”

Seriously! Wired! This is as shortsighted as seeing only someone’s foot and judging the whole person.

It is terrifying that we are so addicted to short-termism and tunnel vision to this stunningly ignorant degree.

Falling gas prices are a result of strategic market manipulation. See this excellent article by my colleague Dr. David Martin on just how blind we are if we think we are the winners from paying less money at the pump. The end price will be so high we will rue the day we ever thought we had struck gold.

We live in a global world. Nothing happens locally that doesn’t have global consequences. The luxury of thinking otherwise is delusional.

To not start with the whole picture, the world in context of the larger Universe, is to play childish games.

The Earth is very sick because of our short term actions. We treat our Earth like a garbage disposal and convenience store.

Indeed, many humans are very sick because of their short term decisions. (eating easy/fast/zero nutrition food, ignoring their health, being overweight, not getting enough sleep, and thinking it will all be OK.)

Tesla will be fine. The gas prices will rise again. To the point of finally being too expensive for anyone to pay. And at some stage we will realise that the all-in-cost for a gallon of gas was never affordable. (When we are paying the bill for the costs to the environment, the increase in natural disasters, health issues, and food production/scarcity)

While most ‘innovation’ is around creating more ways we can live in the now and ignore the future, we are lucky we have the very few true visionaries such as Elon Musk who are working to build stuff that meets the very future we try to ignore.

Photo credit: harry_nl via Compfight


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