Slowly slowly then suddenly

This is how change usually happens. 

If we are standing on the sidelines watching many of us miss the slowly, slowly part. 

We only see and feel the suddenly.

The artist or business that came ‘from nowhere.’

A war that no one could imagine.

Climate change that becomes life-threatening to millions.

If we are the one going slowly slowly then suddenly we feel every step and wonder how people think we have come out of nowhere.

Those who go from zero to huge might look lucky. They miss the development, learning, skills and resilience that comes with the journey.

A war doesn’t just start without the years of background behind it. 

To see only the action absent the context is to not see well or clearly.

To dishonour the years of work that often backgrounds a ‘suddenly’ is to worship false gods of success.

Photo taken March 26th 2022

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