Small victories. Small blessings

A mug of steaming hot coffee, the first rays of the sun on my face. The cold wind of a southern winter, people talking, music in the background, the sound of the coffee machine.

This scene is not what I planned. A busy morning was on the cards. Hills to be run, laps to swim.

My body said…not today!

Today we surrender to restoration. Today is not the day to drive. Strive. Or go hard. 

My body is right. I honour her wisdom and let go of my ego’s desire to dominate her needs. 

Until we are able to partner with our own physical being are we able to partner with our larger body, Mother Earth? 

Small victories. Small blessings. A good warm sleep in a cosy bed. The ability to walk when a few weeks ago an injury prevented even walking.

The freedom to move about when others are restricted. A life of meaning and depth. Rich human connections with incredible people. The care of my love. To care for my love.

I’ll take it all with open-hearted gratitude. 

Photo taken June 21st 2021 

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