When we smile from our heart we gift to others a contagion that has the capacity to transform towards light.

A smile is rarely singular. No matter the mood of those to whom the smile is offered, it is hard not to be infected.

A persistent smile eventually breaks down barriers, even in the most hardened of hearts.

A smile is Syntropic. It leaves the world better for having been gifted. 

This is the urgent work of humanity now…to consider all elements of our engagement with the world and aim for Syntropy…to leave what we touch better for having been touched.

To cherish our precious home planet…the beautiful creatures who inhabit it…the work we do in the world and its effects into the future beyond our life…

Just as we can choose to smile, to be light in our arrival into any conversation, we can choose to create Syntropy against the overwhelming odds of enterprises and systems that are entropic.

September 20th 2019

Photo taken September 20th, 2019, by Tony