Social Justice and corporate power are not compatible

How we wish it were not so. How we try so hard to defend the indefensible. How much money, time and effort do we spend to try to implement social justice within the system of corporate power.

To step back and observe, there is no way to fit a round peg in a square hole. Either change the hole or the peg. 

The impulse behind the creation of Syntropic World is exactly this. Our structures of corporations, the legal codes, the finance, how we account for value, who wins, the governance, the purpose – oh so much effort invested in trying to tweak these things. 

Business for purpose. Benefit corporations. Perhaps a start. But still tweaking within the current system.

But the water we swim in, the operating system behind everything, requires change. The stuff we cannot see, until we see it.

The water we swim in is not a situation to be tweaked.

What is required is whole systems transformation.

Oh, that is not possible!

Oh, but it is not possible until we say so.

Syntropic World says it is possible. We have to start somewhere.

If we want social justice we have to create an entirely new operating system.

Photo taken September 5th 2021

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