Sovereignty and solidarity

The word sovereignty has been coopted by culture to mean rights absent any consideration of consequence.

The etymology of the word – its Pattern Integrity – late 13c., “superior, ruler, master,” from Old French soverain “sovereign, lord, ruler,”

I use the word sovereign as a way to describe how we as atomised individuals might rule the many aspects of our identity. To not have the tantrum throwing child aspect of ourselves run riot. To not be ruled by our addict or our addictions. 

When we apply sovereignty to the exterior world, our right to do as we please in the world, it is easy to neglect the consequences of our actions. 

Just as our interior world is a collection of characters, beliefs and peculiarities that live in our skin encapsulated physical and metaphysical being, of which we seek to be sovereign, the exterior world is a collection of others, each with their sovereign identity, seeking to establish the balance between rights of self without harm of rights of another.

Who is the sovereign of the collective?

Is it possible to have solidarity as a collective while remaining sovereign in our identity?

I say yes to this, but only when we have a considered boundary that encloses a collective around values and behaviours that we agree to in advance, an agreement that is by nature clear and respectful, that changes as we develop to higher orders. 

The rules of the house, the rules of the game, the agreements of relationship.

In a world that rejects rules and authority, in a world that wants to be rule free, we will disintegrate into a messy human heap.

Photo taken February 24th 2022

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