Spontaneously arousable

Walking the beach late yesterday we stopped to observe a common occurrence, one we walk over every day.

Little crabs digging their homes. Something they do twice a day on the low tide. Their work ethic, spontaneously arousable, encoded. The precision of the little balls of sand, and the patterns they make, exquisite.

We only have to observe the marvel of this to have our human arrogance reduced to awe.

Just now sitting on the headland of our last day in this spot, dolphins right off the rocks. And then a shark feeding from the fish that gather in the rocky places as a protection from the predators.

Learning just now the difference in observing a shark and observing dolphins, something useful for a surfer to know.

Bucky Fuller wondered as a young boy why humans are in Universe. If the little crabs have their role, the dolphins, the sharks, all have their role and place, all participating without question, not forced to do anything, rather doing that which is spontaneously arousable within them, surely we humans have a role and place as well?

And as sure as the sun rises, it is not to make useless plastic things, to measure the measures that have been measured, to build more things we do not need.

Nature screams in our face, as she has for thousands of years. Surely we might begin to listen.

Photo taken May 4th 2022

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