Last week the remarkable Jonathan Fields ran a free class on how to start a revolution (for positive commercial reasons). Check out the up coming class here.

As someone who spends a lot of time observing cultural meme’s, I found the massive response to Jonathan’s class quite fascinating. It was as if he were tapping into a vein of gold that didn’t have an avenue of expression until he offered it. The classic case of I don’t know what I want until I see it.

The world is ripe for revolution. Perhaps this time it will not be one big revolution, like the French Revolution, but many small ones, started by individuals and communities hell bent on turning something broken on its head.

What Jonathan had done over the course of the last 2 years was research and map the key pieces that are essential to getting a revolution to take flight. How did the Arab spring start, and take hold? Or the Occupy Movement? How can we apply these same principles to a commercial revolution for the good of all?

This last week was also the release of Hunger Games Catching Fire. I remember a few years ago reading in the Huffington Post how the Hunger Games would be the books of 2012. So I read them all in 3 days over Christmas. Day 1 I nearly fell off the couch when I found out what they where about…exactly what the Hunger Games were. And this was best selling teen literature? Did anyone else find this subject as disturbing as I? Kids killing kids for entertainment?

The Hunger Games speaks to revolution. It speaks to the age old story of the oppressed rising up. It speaks to the obscene waste of of bloated society quite happy to let people starve. In some parts of our world this is not some dystopian future, it is the current reality.

The moment we find it perfectly acceptable for anyone to starve while we throw food away is the moment we are lost. And indeed, so many are already well and truly lost.

Russel Brand is speaking to revolution. Edward Snowdon, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange. No matter what your opinion, these people are refusing to lie down and stay silent. Thank god for them.

Then we have the misfits and the non conformists. The young guns who are saying…hell no…I will not live this life defined by another person’s rules about what success looks like and why I should sacrifice myself on the alter for that. The Jonathan Fields, AJ Leon’s, Chris Guillebau’s, Danielle La Porte’s.

Finally we have the businesses that are saying NO way. There is more to business than profit. And I refuse to be a slave to profit at the cost of almost everything else. We have the rise of the B-corporation, and B-Team. We have businesses that are starting or shifting to an expression of business that considers the consequences of all that they do, re-crafting what they do to do no harm.

There is a revolution coming to an office or home near you. Are you going to lead or follow?

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