Synergistic Accounting = extraordinary teams

One of the models we use in Syntropic World is Synergistic Accounting. Based on Bucky Fuller’s 12 Degrees of Freedom, which is what is needed to stabilise any system, the premise behind Synergistic Accounting is that we must at minimum honour and account for multiple domains of value input and value output. 

Almost everyone I know has a wobbly relationship with their own value. We do not see large chunks of our value. Or we see elements of our value as being far more significant than it actually is. We cannot ask for our value to be remunerated or honoured. Or we ask for ridiculously high amounts of recognition. 

We overstep whole elements of our life experience. Or we feel shame about parts of us that may actually be our greatest strength.

To witness a fellow human go through the process we created at Syntropic World to speak to the multi-dimensions of their value, and to speak to what they want for their contribution, is a privilege of the highest order. 

I cannot think of any other act that enables dignity and respect to be built in such a short amount of time. 

To even consider building a synergistic team without this type of process is to be robbed of the magnificent field of opportunity we can individually and collectively bring.

Why would you leave most of the value all around you out? Because we do not know it is there.

Photo taken July 28th 2021