Synergy, syntropy and the urgent need for comprehensivists

No amount of examination of the explosive element Sodium, or the poisonous gas Chloride will determine that when we combine these two elements under the right conditions we get Sodium Chloride, also known as salt, a harmless white powder we sprinkle on our food. 

You can dissect a caterpillar in every possible way, examine it under the most powerful microscope, but nothing will determine a butterfly.

Synergy, a term brought into the human lexicon by R.Buckminster Fuller, has been co-opted by people who have not taken the time to really understand its meaning.

The behaviour of the whole cannot be determined by an examination of the parts separately. We must start with Universe first. (The whole)

Our obsession as humans with examining the parts, the Sodium, the Chloride, the caterpillar, comes at our own cost. 

In this time in humanities history we are faced with problems that cannot be solved through tinkering with and examining the parts. 

Our Climate issues require a whole system approach. 

The domination of the big tech companies is a global issue. The First Amendment of the United States constitution dictating free speech is only relevant to the USA, yet when a company such as Facebook or Google operate in every corner of our home planet, we need to begin to consider governance from the whole.

Given most global multi-national companies operate with almost unlimited rights or constraints, they now have more power than any state. Added to this their sanctified remit to pay dividends to their shareholders as primary, and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out we have an impending crisis that can only be solved through a synergistic response.

Take this down to the personal level, a focus on the parts, our addiction to specialisation, niche’s, silo’s, atomisation, has created an ill equiped society when it comes to the ability to see the whole. 

To be a comprehensivist, someone who has the capacity to see the whole, to step back and rather than see the elephants toenail, see the whole elephant, or even better, the elephant in the context of where it lives, is a rare skill, one that has been underrated.

Our sense making as humans, our education system, does not educate for whole systems comprehension. The machine industrial age has wanted compliance around speciality.

To be a comprehensivist, to work synergistically and syntropically, is the only way we will be able to create a more beautiful world for earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken January 31st 2021

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