Syntropy in practice

We humans have a distorted relationship to value. Most humans have felt some degree of exploitation, diminishment and marginalisation. 

Clearly we have exploited earth, her creatures, and nature, much of it beyond restoration.

It is time our relationship to value changed.

At Syntropic World we have an applied model called Synergistic Accounting, based on Bucky Fuller’s 12 Degrees of Freedom, that changes our relationship to value, considering value inputs in six domains and value outputs in six domains. 

The applied practice is to take part in the Synergistic Audit. It is an exquisite, expansive, honouring, witnessing process.

Yesterday a group of Syntropic Masterclass graduates created a gorgeous experiential way to participate in the audit through a collective 90-minute process.

To see a body of work forged into a beautiful experience to support global access as we redesign our relationship to value is to know that the seed generator of the audit is working its magic. 

As the Steward of Syntropic World, this is the best gift possible. To see the work be expanded, made better, synergised, by the community.

Truly Syntropy in practice.

Photo taken August 13th 2021

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