The animating principle

Towards life. To reach out and touch. To crawl. To walk.

At a later stage in life we might call it purpose. 

Bucky Fuller spoke of what was spontaneously arousable from within, and then put his own condition around this..for the highest good of the highest number of people. 

This animating principle is our choice, each day, each moment, to say yes to the next step of life. 

When we lose this animating principle then we are swallowed in darkness. 

There are so many reasons for its loss. A young child missing the basics of touch, care, love. 

The force of our economic system that demands we do work that stunts our magnificent expression, that potential we see in the bright eyes of every newborn.

It is tragic to consider the human waste…all of that potential. Snuffed out by things that we as a collective humanity can actually control. 

In Australia I watch the steady build of local citizen groups coordinating to get independent people elected to government, in the process usurping the incumbent political class. Disrupting the morally bankrupt two-party system.

It is a relief to see. 

We must know that we can be the change. That animating force we are all born with can be resurrected, uncovered from the detritus of modern life.

It is our most precious gift, this animating force. It needs to be protected fiercely. We need to protect it in others, and they in us.

Photo taken July 23rd 2021

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