The antidote to Empire

Everything ends. Even things we think will last forever. 

Empire is a way of being. It has a Pattern Integrity woven into its fabric –  from Latin imperium “a rule, a command; authority, control, power; supreme power, sole dominion; military authority; a dominion, realm.

Empire, in every shape and form, is a pattern that needs to be permanently composted. It must rot to its bones.

Star Wars was a movie about the rebels fighting the Empire. Consider who the Empire is today and who the rebels are. 

The rebels are those who fight against authoritarianism, domination, supreme unchecked power and tyrants. Rebels want justice for all, where no one is ever given rights above the law. They stand for equality, dignity, compassion, humanity. 

The threshold crossing from a democratic assemblage to dictatorship and fascism is unpredictable in timing, yet entirely predictable when considering the patterns, repeated throughout human history. 

A small minority profits while the majority suffer. 

This is the point of history: to learn the signs of the patterns and, if we are smart, not repeat them. 

The Empires will end. All of them.

The antidote to Empire is to live and breathe the practice of being human, fragile, always a part of something greater than self, humble, kind, and compassionate and to refuse to step over the little atrocities as superiority and lies seek to rule again.

Photo Taken June 29th 2024