On this morn I was fighting inner demons. Old stories of failure, hardship, of being alone in the world. It seemed fitting that the sky was a story of greys.

Yet I found beauty here, in the drizzle. The drama of the greys.

And from the other side of the world a voice came…reminding me that all was not lost. That it was time to create a new strategy. To focus. Get into action. To not have the story and the existing reality ruin me.

I was also reminded, through a voice in my head, courtesy of a podcast, that the luminaries of our recent past, Nelson Mandela and Viktor Frankl, managed to find meaning and purpose in the harshest of all conditions. They did not let the exterior world define them. They defined their world from the inside out.

I know what I am to do, what my life is about. I did not choose an easy path. But I did choose the path. I chose the path.

Now, will I love walking it, no matter what? This is the arc of my next evolution.

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