The arrow of evolution is toward life

My mentor of over 35 years, Bucky Fuller, wrote this opening sentence in his book, Critical Path. I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as good or bad.

I often ponder this sentence. How a single sentence can upend culture if we dare let it.

I have come to the conclusion  – Bucky remained in learning mode all of his life. To reach this conclusion after some 80 years is telling. 

Our culture profits from the language of good and bad, right and wrong. The hero and the villain. It is the monomyth of the hero’s story. The maker of billions of dollars in books and movies. 

It fuels righteousness. It is the bedrock of fundamentalism. 

One of the models Bucky teaches that is foundational to the principles of Syntropic World is that Unity is Plural at minimum two. We need polarity for existence.

Good cannot exist without bad. Right cannot exist without wrong. They are the same face. 

The challenge and beauty of living is to find the space between the polarities. Not a balance, but a dynamic equilibrium, adapting and changing to the environmental conditions, to the flux of culture. 

The good lives in us as does the bad. Our rebel is as necessary as the part of us that might be compliant. Too good and we get political correctness and ultra sensitivity without backbone. Too bad and we get cruelty, greed, horror. 

One of the beautiful things Bucky demonstrated mathematically is that Syntropy is the greater force than entropy. 

The arrow of evolution is toward life.

Photo taken April 27th 2022

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