We humans know beauty…we know when we look at a sunrise, sunset, Crimson Rosella (see photo), a river meandering through a forest…that what we are seeing is beautiful.

We know the beauty of our child’s smile…of laughter. Great music…the taste of our favourite food.

We know the beauty of art…and love…touch…

It is in the recognition and celebration of beauty that we are restored to our humanity. It is impossible to be connected to beauty and coming from hate simultaneously.

Beauty opens us, softens us, nourishes us…our life would be nothing without it.

When a friend asked me to describe what was the outcome of 2.23AM…my reply was heeding the call of our 2.23AM moments through creating Beautiful Business.

I love business. I love the opportunity to take a humans gifts and skills and have them become accessible to others in the world in a way that supports all. I love to feel valued, to feel that my work/my existence in the world matters. And that in the meeting places of business your work, of equal importance to you, and mine…can find a place for relationship. Business is relational. It is humans joining together to create, craft. build, trade, share…beautiful things.

Business is an expression of love in action…

Or that is my dream of business.

And I believe that when we cut to the chase…that is the dream many of us hold. That along the way the essence of business has been lost…caught in the death spiral of profit at ALL costs, carelessness for ‘resources’..be they human or natural…

I challenge you now to look at your business…at the place you spend most of your life…or the business you desire to create…and ask…is this business beautiful? (Do I experience the same response to my business as I would to something I find beautiful?)

If the answer is no…then what will it take to move your business to become a beautiful business?



Photo credit: Fiona Frawley (with Christine McDougall being the branch for the Crimson Rosella)


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