The dance between our own edges

On one side we have the hardness, judgement, strongly held opinions.

And on the other an ocean of compassion, generosity and kindness.

On one side we have fear, contraction, our victimised powerless self.

And of the other, our bold genius and clear voice.

On one side our incapacity, our fumbling.

And on the other our arrogance.

The dance between our own poles is the dance of wisdom.

Sometimes we are in the sweet spot, other times the anger, or arrogance, or fear leaks out.

It is the dance that matters. To be open to…while at the same time holding clear boundaries. 

It is the capacity to reflect, to see our reflection, to listen deeply to feedback that is offered respectfully, that allows us to grow with grace.

It is to be in a community that allows our hard edges to appear briefly before kindly reminding us of who we are that is not bitter, fearful, disempowered. 

Photo taken February 19th 2017

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