The danger of acting on channelled communication

There are times when I get a hit of inspiration that aligns with all of my work, ethics, and experience. It comes out of nowhere and feels so completely absolutely right. The more I heed this, the more my life opens. 

Yet there is a danger to receiving messages through your being, known in some circles as channelling.

If you are the direct recipient and it does not affect anyone else’s ability to choose, consider the message.

However, channelling can be the same voice that says kill people or heal people. It can be delusional and coded with superiority and arrogance as the recipient, similar to the empire mind. A Jim Jones type of channelling. Follow me, as I am the channel for this higher, ephemeral authority.

We can listen to the whisper of our soul, but how we choose to express that involving others requires granting them their sovereignty of choice, which means giving them full access to all the information, context, and considered precessional effects. 

Anything that is not that is another form of domination dressed in spiritual costume.

Photo Taken June 26th 2024