I, like many over achievers, often choose the hard path. The uphill, the biggest challenge. Give me a 96 km run and I think nothing of it.

There is much to be said for going for the biggest challenge and testing our limits. Much has been written about it. We cheer the hero who completes the hardest task.

But what of ease, flow, and surrender? Not the same as giving up, more the place of dancing with?

It is this topic I am contemplating this fine morning, as the light creates this beautiful thread like pattern with the clouds.

Is it that we apply ourselves with love and discipline to our art, our practice, often for years… and then when the time comes to play/speak/write, we let go and play/speak/write? Completely in the moment, completely held by our years of learning our craft?

Or is there times to deliberately choose ease? To stop pushing, to stop choosing the hard, and to allow flow?

Perhaps it is both?

As I get wiser I am finding myself choosing the path of ease and flow. I have found that when my ego self pushes magic is stopped. When my wiser self surrenders to the whole, magic always happens.

I will still go out and run, and still do the hard training, but when my body says enough, then enough is it.

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