The dream of Syntropic Enterprises as Ubiquitous

The ultimate measure is an increased well-being for all humans and Earth towards an eternally regenerative Universe.

If not this, then why bother? 

The increased well-being includes you, and your enterprise. This is not a path of heroic sacrifice.

We want your enterprise to succeed, to thrive. To grow in areas that are relevant to the increased well-being of all. And to consider the all-in-consequences of the growth you choose, short and long-term.

Syntropic by definition is an increase in Common Wealth.

An eternally regenerative universe does not mean excess. Or obscene wealth, power or privilege. 

In the larger cycles of Universe, excess is always overcome so that the greater balance is restored. It rarely happens on the time cycle of human desire, but it will happen.

Greed is a zero-sum game by nature’s design. The Ouroboros eat its tail.

Therefore it is a pre-requirement to have a multilayered conversation with what is enough in all domains of your enterprise and the outcomes you seek as the purpose of your beloved work and effort. And to continue this conversation on a regular basis. 

Until the steward leader and the enterprise can reach a place of knowing what is enough then they will continue to be caught in the game of winner-takes-all all, often without even knowing this is happening.

This implies by default profound inner work as part of stewardship. 

The shattering of ingrained, inbuilt conditions into our current monetary and enterprise systems will take time and willingness to examine and challenge all assumptions.

Where has the Universe set up scarcity by design?

And where have humans designed scarcity as a feature?

How do we honour the first while dismantling the second?

Syntropic enterprise also holds as foundational that the synergistic effects and capacities of human mind to ask better questions, find solutions, and design whole new systems that are isomorphic with nature are a given. For too long we have been responding reflexively to the enculturated systems, not pausing long enough to examine core assumptions that have us reduce our extraordinary ability to think together, into a reflex response.

If we want a world with a future we need to apply our brilliance collectively to the full animation of Syntropy in our Enterprise design.

July 25th 2019

Photo taken July 25th, 2019