The end = the beginning

Endings and beginnings are pairs. The finality of endings might be heartbreaking, the loss might feel too hard to bare. Yet as sure as the sun rises and sets, there is a beginning somewhere.

Similarly, beginnings might feel enormous, terrifying, mystifying, or impossible. Yet once the first step is taken, the second step becomes just that little easier. 

I started writing Beauty of Beginnings January 1st 2018. It was to last for the full year. Yet here I am. Tomorrow I will commence year six. 

The structure of a writing discipline sustains me, as do the other early morning structures that create the architecture of my life.

I do not do New Year’s resolutions. I do set intentions. 

For 2023 the intention for Syntropic World is to reach more people in order to serve them to create enterprises that reflect the values they hold in the present and for a future world that works for earth and all her creatures.

For 2023 my personal intention is to increase my physical strength, and lean into compassion as an antidote to righteous indignation. To do this without stepping over the BS and hypocrisy that people get away with. I believe that if I allow people to get away with their BS and hypocrisy I am part of the problem. Yet how to do this elegantly and without righteous superiority? That is my inquiry and practice.

Thank you to those who take the time to read these daily contemplations. It means the world. I hope the intentions you hold for 2023 enable the very best of you to be showcased to the world. Because we need that. 

Photo taken December 31st 2022

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