I am presently focused on the foundational structure of the start up, all about business as Unusual.

The business as usual way.

Set up a company, set up a bank account and get on with it.

The Screw Business as Usual way.

Take time to deeply explore the why of the business? Why are we going into business. What is our purpose? What is it we seek to create? And for whom?

Who else will be involved, and how? How do we plan to distinguish between equity, control and income? How do we wish to acknowledge people for their many and varied forms of contribution, beyond the single lens of money? How do we plan to distribute profits?

What is the core essence of the business? Its soul qualities? (And if you think businesses do not have a soul…and many do not…think again…of companies like Chipotle, Patagonia, Virgin. Some people might call this brand…and indeed, the soul leads the brand…the soul leads everything, until it does not.)

What are the boundaries, rules and agreements around which your business will trade?

These questions, when considered in their fullness, inform the structure and container for your business.

We simply have to start designing businesses from this depth of consideration.

Design, integrity, consideration, connection…taking the time to steep ourselves in to this conversation will create the type of business that is compelling in its attractiveness.

Then we can say…we want to create THIS. How do we do that? And that opens us to living business as unusual.

Carlos Lorenzo via Compfight

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