The future of what we currently call work

People are complex. Nuanced. Amazing. Frustrating.

We have a whole range of skills, perspectives, experiences that are rarely given the opportunity to be seen, utilised or synergised.

When people come together to do work that matters for a world with a future how do we create the ecology that enables the whole to be present? 

For until we do this, until we get to know the incredible offer that people are and have the potential to be, how do we enable the greatest exponential technology in Universe to be available. The human mind working together synergistically.

Part of the toolset of Syntropic World is a process that enables this to happen. It is not a fixed-in-time process, for people and their circumstances are in constant flux.

Rather it is a process that enables people to bring their whole selves, through their sovereign choice, to the project.

Designed into the process of Synergistic Accounting is the evolving development of the participant. 

And a deep recognition that to invite the whole includes inviting the unreconciled parts of us. In the design, we create the opportunity for our own emergence, without the need to rescue, fix, or save.

And in doing we create an ecology of deep humanity and the potential to bring our best. It is the future of what we currently call work.

Photo taken July 17th, 2020