The gift and wisdom of age

It really has been one of those mornings. So much beauty, love, joy.

And gratitude.

If I could gift anything to the younger generation, it would be to find the joy in every moment, no matter what. 

Our perspective often changes when our death is closer to us than our birth. Little upsets become so irrelevant. Each moment is precious. We know that out of chaos and pain, beauty appears.

A life is rich not because of all of the goodness, but because of everything that has transpired, good and bad. It is our time in darkness that gifts us more light. Eventually, the light is all we see, even when surrounded by darkness. 

This is the gift and wisdom of age. 

Today I am in love with love, bursting with beauty, and a happy heart dancing with joy.

Photo Taken April 13th 2023

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