The Gift of Mothering

It was never on my list to be a mother. Not for a single moment had I considered it. 

When I discovered I was pregnant it was such a shock I burst into tears.

On this day thirty years ago the gift of my life was born, my daughter Natalie.

She was determined from the start to arrive on her terms, in her time line, several weeks early.

She has stayed true to her spirit that knows her true north. 

Natalie has been my greatest teacher, demonstrating kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, diplomacy…way beyond my own capacity. She taught me surrender, temper my own moods when I saw them reflected in her.

Watching her graciousness and calm response to situations that riled me had me in awe. 

She steadies my fire and I fire up her steady when needed. 

We have been each others witness and sounding board.

I am a far better person because of her. I know parenting, partnering and stewardship through our relationship and Natalie’s constant demonstration.

She is beautiful in every way…of heart, mind, spirit and generosity. Because of Natalie I know love and have evolved the capacity to love expansively and generously.

Happy Birthday Natalie. Thank you for the gift of you.

Photo taken February 16th 2021


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