The Goldilocks of monopoly and diversity

Revered by business-as-usual, the holy grail of the Silicon Valley set. To create a monopoly.

Monopolies are a human construct. Nature does not abide them. 

Into the architecture of a monopoly might be the quest for maximum efficiency. But with maximum efficiency comes its pair,  irresilience.

Monopolies are brittle. 

When we rely on all of our trade from one country, if something happens to stop that trade, we find ourselves in danger.

When we sow one crop, season on season, the soil depletes.

When we get our news from one source we become a siloed bias mind.

When one leader dominates everything, creativity is killed off. 

Unity is plural, at minimum two.

Vibrant communities, business, life, lives in diversity. Not too much, for that creates chaos. Not too little, for that creates brittleness. 

Just the right amount.

Photo taken March 31st 2021

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