The greatest myths and stories of our time are eternal

Stories have currency. They flow through us, leaving traces in our mind/body/being. 

These traces can be uplifting, or damaging.

The story itself is agnostic. Words wrapped in poetry, hosting metaphor.

A story about our unworthiness must be washed from our mind/body/being. Its hooks are often hard to remove. Often these hooks hide in cavities of our being, only becoming evident when our identity feels threatened. 

A story about possibility, agency, hope, love and transcendence is the antidote, even if, in the first instant, we cannot believe it to be true for us. 

Let the story of beauty and love wash through you. Bath in its metaphor. Let it heal. Allow it to find its way into those cavities hosting shadows. 

The greatest myths and stories of our time are eternal, not for being true, but for the healing powers found in their mythology.

Each of us can be resurrected from shadows and the dark, no matter the grip of darkness. 

Light and time, with a story we can believe in, work miracles.

Photo Taken April 10th 2023

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