The greatest rewards come from working on something that nobody has a name for

This path is hard. It is the territory of the uncharted. To seek to explain is to seek to shape a Pattern that has not existed in the minds of those you are explaining to.

Perhaps our mistake is to try and explain without giving context that this work is being done at a frontier unknown.

What do you do?

I work at the edge of the edge, a place so unfamiliar to our current reality that to try and explain it in simple words is impossible.

Indeed, using the words we currently have does not suffice. Therefore we are creating new words. 

I intuitively know that a new world, new models, new maps, need new language.

Instead of asking what do you do, I might say – this is for those people and enterprises who care enough to create everything towards a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures, knowing that every single model, map and architecture we have is infected with the very elements we are trying to change away from.

Photo taken September 11th 2022


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