The harder things are to say the more important they are to be said

The unspoken kills. When we fail to speak into the hardest of places we fracture a piece of our connection to the very things that matter most.

Relationship is the conversation and the conversation is the relationship. A conversation most often through words, yet including touch, feeling, empathy, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, care..

Our failure to speak our truth, to name our mistakes, to own our fears, to speak to hurt, to declare NO as a clear statement and full sentence, to say YES with the whole of our being even though it terrifies us….

..and we become islands of isolation. The Universe of “I”. Into this universe lives the partner of superiority – separation.

It is our separation born from our mistaken belief in our superior “Iness” that we have succumbed to such terrible mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health breakdowns. 

Our current world is terrified of the whole human. Our workplaces are carefully constructed to keep the magnificent whole of us divided into parts that can be safely revealed while prohibiting other parts any inclusion. 

The best environments enable the whole to contribute.

The foundation of an ecology that enables wholeness and the reverence of interbeing is the rigourous ability to speak into the most dangerous and fear based places.

For this we need support, tools and skills on an ongoing basis.

**The Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass covers these tools. The next class commences tomorrow.

Photo taken September 13th 2021

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