The lone runner under the vast canvas of the sky reminds me that we are so very small a part of a much larger story.

It is so easy to feel small and unimportant. That life is overwhelming. That we are isolated. Alone. Insignificant.

Yet even in this immense silence, there are the sounds of the waves. The sand supports each foot fall. The sun warms. The clouds frame the day. And life is teeming beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

For light to be white it needs every single colour and frequency. Take one micro frequency away and we no longer have white light.

I matter. You matter. You are significant. Each breath we take leaves an impression. Our frequency is needed to make white light. And white light is needed to enable life.

The lone runner under a vast sky is held up by a million times a million grains of sand and the pull of gravity, and all the unseen forces that run with him, beside him and for him.

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