Does walking in the park look like work?

Writing in your journal?

Washing your car?

Sitting in silence and tuning into your business, or your clients, or your suppliers?

Doing the hard work of self awareness and inner development? Is this work?

In the world of Business as Usual, all of the above is put in the bucket of bludging. Not working. Not doing. Should not be paid or rewarded for that.

In the world of Business as Unusual all of the above may be the most important time you spend in a day. Your most creative. Your most resourceful. Where brilliance happens.

Nature figured this out way ahead of humans. We have night, followed by day. We need sleep, followed by activity. We have summer, then winter. Spending 8 or 12 or 14 hours going hard on the factory floor of doing…is the old model…the one designed to squeeze the maximum out of the machine/human.

Human machine!…we no longer need human machines. We need creativity, innovation, care, inspiration, brilliance.

If you want inspired, supportive, screw business as usual leadership, then doing doing doing is not the way.

Doodling, walking, contemplation, inner work, self awareness….essential to the future of business and your businesses healthy future.

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