The need for a clear threshold crossing

When we are defining ourselves, holding the ground for our Source Idea to be made manifest in an enterprise expression, we might disregard the requirement for clear and strong boundaries.

To create a threshold crossing that clearly says ‘this is the only way to become actively involved in that which I am stewarding’ is an affirmation, not an act of domination or separation. We might be sure that the common denominators of access, like money, intelligence, education, origins and status are not discriminated against. We might design the threshold crossing as something that anyone can do, and give them support to do so if they choose.

One of my daughters friends gave birth to a baby last week. She has a boundary that unless you are vaccinated for Whooping Cough, you cannot visit the baby until the baby is vaccinated in six weeks. She included in this boundary her parents-in-law, fierce anti-vaxers. 

Our boundaries, the threshold crossing of participation in an enterprise we are stewarding, is an act of love. If people want to be engaged then we need to build the model from day one demonstrating that engagement means doing some heavy lifting to make it across the threshold. We give people sovereign choice if they want to do this. No judgement if they choose not to do this.

The threshold crossing needs to be strong enough to invite the kind of participation desired, yet also not too strong to become tyrannical or elitist.

Many Steward Leaders fear this type of boundary setting. They want to be seen as nice, embracing, inviting, open. 

Yet in the act of allowing anyone to engage without the boundary and agreements we are inviting all shades of behaviour and power games that will erode the very idea we are holding.

It is a fine and loving balance. Like any agreement, it is not cast in stone. Rather it is a living agreement. 

The measure of its success is how the team that chose to cross our threshold work together synergistically. When it is doing what it is designed to do, magic happens. 

In Syntropic World our threshold crossing agreement is the Trust Manifesto. You can download a copy here.

Photo taken May 9th 2021

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