The path to lightness of being

Doing the right thing.

Our cells are the record keepers of our life. The biological library of our actions, our thoughts, our lived experience.

As young children, we have the capacity to know right from wrong. We know when we tell a lie because our biology screams to us in the language of squirm.

We can train our biology to adapt to higher levels of deception. Our squirm quotient might go down, our muscles may not twitch, our breathing may not change. Yet the library of our being never forgets.

The record is made.

Accumulated deception, including self-deception, is registered in our biological computer.

Doing the right thing, acknowledging our transgressions, our deliberate acts of deception, lying, cheating, exploiting..over a lifetime…is a path to lightness of being.

It takes courage.

I made a mistake. I am sorry. No justification, no blame.

This is the choice I made.

Releasing the Sysiphean burden of our previous wrong choices is an act of self-love.

Walk lightly on Earth. Choose right. Choose love.

Photo taken June 2nd 2021

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