The Pattern Integrity of an idea, word, Universe..

At the moment of inception an idea, a molecule, an atom, a word, a Universe, carries the Pattern Integrity of its being. 

No matter our desires, the use of will, domination, power over…the Pattern Integrity remains somewhere, even in a wasteland of destruction.

A seed needs that small amount of soil, sun and water to have it sprout, even after years of lying dormant.

The more beautiful world that our heart knows is possible needs new words, new language, new models. Ones that have at their moment of inception the Pattern Integrity of what we are stewarding for that more beautiful world.

To try to reinvent politics while retaining the word politics is like trying to have an oak seed become a pine tree. Sure, humans can use genetic manipulation. But genetic manipulation has its own Pattern Integrity, and we might question if that is the world we want.

To try to reinvent capitalism while carrying forth the Pattern Integrity of capitalism will only get us an incremental change in what we have.

Nature has provided us with a working blueprint on how to coordinate, build thriving ecologies, communicate, honour, recycle…

We might compost the human-constructed models and work in partnership with nature to create new (age-old) models, words, systems, structures.

This is the wholehearted work of Syntropic World. Our final Masterclass for 2021, good for the Americas, commences October 4|5. 

Photo taken September 24th 2021

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