The principle of exchange – reciprocity

To receive gifts, as we all do…the gift of life, the gift of sunlight, the gift from earth that feeds, the gift of beauty…

Comes with responsibility.

If we are raised to believe that gifts of life and from mother Earth are our rights to take and use for our benefit, then we become the greedy caterpillar who eats all the leaves…until there are no more leaves…and our demise is written.

We must give back.

The principle of exchange does not say we must give back in the same form that we received the gift. It also does not say that we must give back specifically to the person or enterprise who gave. 

We must give back. Open heartedly. Generously. Urgently. 

A truly circular economy is one where flow is achieved through radical generosity. Where the counterfoil to the scarcity built into our sovereign currency is generosity.

If you cannot give money, give service. If you cannot give service, give art. If you cannot give art, give time. If time is not possible, give money. 

If we give with an unspoken expectation of receiving something specifically, then our gift is contaminated.

If we take without honouring the gift then we are continuing the ‘consume until extinct’ story that we might be seeking to end.

Gratitude and reciprocity are divine pairs. The more we live gratitude, the more we are radically generous with that which we have in abundance, the more beautiful our world.

Photo taken September 30th 2021