The reason we start is often not the reason we keep going

Often times we start things for a reason and keep doing the thing for another reason.

This is the principle of Precession.

Four full years ago I started Beauty of Beginnings to be sure that by the end of a year I had enough material for a book.

On January 1st 2022 I will be into the fifth year of writing, with no book published.

Why do I keep writing? 

I like the discipline. It is easier for me to write every day than three days a week. There is a routine and rhythm to daily writing that suits me. I write to think through things. I have things to say. 

Thirty years ago I started running to lose weight after having a baby. I am still running. And swimming. And surfing. I do some form of hard physical activity 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.


My very early morning routine is the stability in my uncertain and often unstable world. It is my mental health practice. I feel so much better when I run or swim. I love a healthy appetite. I need to discharge pent-up energy to remain in equilibrium. I like that I am a very fit older person. I like feeling strong.

To evoke precession we have to start something. We must be in motion.

Photo taken December 2nd 2021

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