Look how light and clouds make such a raucous noise of colour? The lone surfer captured under the most magnificent show on Earth.

Dawn is free. Unless you count the cost of leaving a warm bed, and perhaps a loved one. Or a day with a little less sleep.

But what joy! To start the day with the constant surprise of dawn. Never sure what you will get. But always able to be floored by the fact that this Source of light and energy, our Sun, gives so generously and with such constancy.

The Sun is life. Everything we eat is sourced by Sun. Therefore we are sourced by Sun. Allow that to sink in just a little.

And next time you look up and catch  the light of the Sun on your face, give thanks. No matter what your circumstance, no matter how much pain you are carrying, at least know this. The Sun shines, and never sends you the bill.

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