The very long view

My mentor, Bucky Fuller, knew he was so far ahead of the cultural zeitgeist he even mapped the lag between his ideas and their potential uptake. 50 years…70 years…

Who does that in our current world?

Who says…I am taking this very long view…the work I am doing now, the stand I am taking for the world now, might not become wanted or desired in full for decades, half-centuries, well after I am gone?

That doesn’t stop me from starting. Knowing that I will be misunderstood. Considered crazy. That my ideas will be considered interesting but too far out there. Impossible to deploy.

If we want to get off our short-term addictions, the quarterly reporting, the profit cycle, the success and fame in this decade, the adoration..if we truly want to create a world with a future, we must create, plan and build for the very long term.

If not us, who? Our governments are addicted to the re-election cycle. The authoritarian states fall in love with their own power even as they start building for the long term.

We might begin to recognise that we are powerful, that our ability to act now is the greatest power we have. 

Greta Thunberg knows this. Against every single odd in the Universe, she remains undeterred. 

Integrity is the essence. 

Photo taken September 5th 2021