The way of all pioneers

When we are holding the space for a massive transformation to occur the pathway is never clear. By the very nature of our work, we must be the wayfinders.

It is a step-by-step process. Often even a micro-step by micro-step process.

We state our case – this new world and new language we are holding for a better future – and people respond with eyes dulled with either confusion or dismissal.

Misunderstood. Not understood.

It is the way of all pioneers.

We see a world and future beyond the vision and scope of many, especially when the burden of maintaining a day-to-day existence is so consuming.

In this context, the pioneers and visionaries for a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures must find each other. Share stories. Offer encouragement. Give support. Invite the unseen possibilities.

When we are lost in the weeds of the work we steward, the sometimes overwhelming challenge of it, to trust that the next step – that very small next step we need to take, will be supported and provisioned is to rekindle our faith in the task at hand and the stewardship we have been assigned.

This is easier when we have others who know this journey championing us as we take every step.

Photo Taken August 4th 2023