The world is on fire

While we fiddle with the spreadsheet, moving numbers around to obfuscate truth.

While the political class cares more for re-election and continues to serve their masters than any future, speaking of the economic cost of unplugging from fossil fuels, while refusing to consider the all-in-accounting cost of the trajectory they stubbornly insist is taken. More of the same.

We might think that another catastrophe might do it. Another once in a hundred-year flood/fire/heatwave, happening every few years…

But no..

Our beautiful earth and her magnificent creatures are easy casualties.

What can we do? What can one person do? 

It might start with a moral and ethical protest. Not a political or business protest. 

To stand on principle. To reject the principles that got us here…and instead revert to something like..

The 100-year plan is the minimum timeline of consideration.

Integrity is the essence of everything. 

All life has intrinsic value.

Money is a side effect, not the main effect.

The power of synergy, of humans working together synergistically towards something they care about is the greatest technology available. 

Tech won’t save us. People working on these types of principles working together will.

Change the incentives from money, power, status, to service to the success of the greater whole.

Every voice, including yours, matters.

Photo taken August 10th 2021

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