The world is run by those who turn up

We often feel powerless. 

What difference can I make? Who am I to say or do anything?

This false story is one that those who hold power work to keep alive. What they fear most of all is an active grassroots movement that becomes viral.

History shows that change of any significance always starts at the grassroots level. Often with a few separate and lone voices that coalesce to become a crowd.

If we do not like the world we have, we have choices.

Complain, as if complaining might change anything. This includes trolling and bullying – any sideline activity, especially under the screen of anonymity – is the coward’s way. Words projected at those who are active absent any activity backing the words.

Action – write, speak, strike, call out, name, appeal, fund, volunteer, create, vote, stand for office.

Let it go – do nothing including stop complaining. 

We must turn up. Everything we truly care about requires active participation.

In Australia there is an extraordinary movement occurring as we head into the last 6 months before a federal election. “Voices of” movements of community are nominating extraordinary independent political candidates, all of them women, all who stand as independents under the banner of three key issues. Climate, integrity and women’s rights.

Independents who are as disgusted as many by corruption, misogyny and inaction on climate, as they are by the wilful neglect of the community politicians are elected to serve all for maintenance of their party power. 

We can be the change. You. Me. Us. 

If not now, when. If not us, who?

Photo taken December 11th 2021

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