In a world addicted to measuring there are some things that defy measurement.

Our scientists and rationalist scramble desperately to measure everything. They even say dumb things like…”it it can’t be measured it can’t exist.” Tell that to the love you have for your child.

We may well be able to measure the outcomes of imagination, but we cannot measure the delicious act of imagination itself.

Love does not lend itself to statistics. It’s source and capacity is beyond the scope of any dissection.

I remember in my days of studying anatomy, the long hours in the lab working over a cadaver. The amazing complexity of the human body.

Back then it became increasingly apparent to me as I dissected what we think of as life, was not life. Our body was not life. Our mind was not life. Our sight was not life. What ever had animated this now-no-longer breathing person who had so kindly donated their body to science did not end with the body, or even start with the body.

The body was the vehicle. Blessed, to be revered, but simply the vehicle.

Science is trying to find the place that consciousness lives. Good luck with that.  To reduce consciousness to a home in the brain is like looking for the person speaking on the radio in the radio set.

Mankind has this most delicious mystery. The existential questions that keep us in contemplation. Without them we would be reduced to the very machines that the industrial world has so keenly wanted us to become.

The very best of us, the very best of our humanity, our work, our businesses, our communities….transcend measurement.

Love, purpose, imagination, creativity, care, joy….

How about we build business and communities based on these first and foremost?

What kind of world would we then have created?


This is what we desire as core to Beautiful Business.


Dome Poon via Compfight

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