There is some kiss we want with the whole of our being…

Said Sufi poet and mystic Rumi.

Bone deep connection.

Being seen in our imperfect perfect wholeness.

Loved for our broken and soft places as well as the hard blunt edges.

Desired as a lover. Yet not losing ourselves to love so that our flame goes out, quickly or so so slowly we fail to notice.

Doing work in the world that makes a difference and matters.

Time…time to sit in stillness as the sun makes her daily curtain call…never knowing the particular costume she will display today…yet knowing that it is never the same.

Stepping into a river..a flow..a field…a home..the container solid while every element has changed. Including us.

Being held by another as we change, disintegrate, evolve, fall down, get up..

These kisses…and more…we want with the whole of our lives.

I wonder, I wonder so very often…if our political and economic leaders showed up from this type of vulnerable human longing, what kind of world we might have.

A world where humanity, human connection, interbeing, partnering with our glorious Earth and all her creatures is the impulse behind 100% of all we do.

Photo taken August 26th 2021